Accounting system setup

Obviously, accounting is vital because you want to know if your company is making a profit or not. Moreover, the small business owner wants to be able to look at sources of income and expenses and make decisions based on that information. Using accounting software, the business owner can generate reports on “profit and loss”, “cash flow”, the “balance sheet” and dozens of other management reports that can help him/her get an overall picture of how the business is doing currently.

If you’re not familiar with setting up and maintaining an effective accounting system, it will be worthwhile to get some professional help from an accounting firm or consultants who will provide you the necessary accounting services and support.

As an accounting firm, we are going to provide you with all the essential accounting system setup services including but not limited to the following:

  1. Needs/Workflow analysis (First of all, we will study and evaluate your current accounting situation and needs.)
  2. Documentation design & other HR arrangement(Secondly, based on the information we compiled above, we will design the required accounting/finance documents and re-arrange your finance/admin staff accordingly if need be.)
  3. Systems Setup & Implementation (thirdly, we will install the accounting software and enter your opening balances of all balancesheet items as on the system start date. We will also provide you & your accountant with all the job training services for the use of the entire accounting software in order for him or his bookkeepers to enter all the transactions since the start date.
  4. Flow up & Ongoing Support (lastly, we will always be your backup & support. We will provide a flow up training and assistance (both live and phone) to ensure you are “on the right track”. Based on your needs, well be able to offer you weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual accounting review as well(fees may apply in this case).