Consultancy Services


  • QuickBooks Consulting

 We are QuickBooks specialists and   offer  a wide range of QuickBooks consulting services including installation, set-up,  end user training, troubleshooting, data file evaluations, and on-going support. We specialize in small to mid-size businesses consultations regarding QuickBooks products and are dedicated to creating and maintaining accounting/finance systems more efficiently.

     We provide our clients the necessary QuickBooks tips and tricks with respect to the type, versions,

     Editions that is appropriate for their company. We render both live and phone QuickBooks advisory

      services for our client companies.

      We provide the following consultations:

  • The right financial Software selection consultancy (Online vs Desktop , Sage Vs QuickBooks etc) Fixed Asset Management Consultancy
  • Developing financial Policies and Procedure Manuals
  • Sound Financial Management Consultancy
  • Financial Planning & Controlling Consultancy
  • Sundry Business & Management Consultancy services
  • Software conversion consultancy (from one software to another)
  • and More ….