Training Courses

We provide  expert based training services  in the areas of accounting( both manual & computerized), finance and related fields to enhance & expand the  knowledge of private business employees, government agencies, individuals as well as university fresh graduates to perform finance and accounting duties more efficiently and  solve complex accounting issues. Our trainings include:

Computerized Accounting Training Services:

  Normal Course ( one pack)             

 QuickBooks 2014

  1. Sage 50 accounts ver. 2017
  2. DacEasy Accounting

 QuickBooks 2015 Specialist (Highly advanced) Course

 This training course is intended for professional accountants & accountants to be; financial Directors/ officers of both commercial and NGOs. Controllers, company managers with accounting background, those who have successfully completed the Intermediate training Level program.

  This specialist course will contain QuickBooks 2015 with applications in accounting for:

  • Contractor companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Multi-branch merchandising companies
  • And More ……


Manual Accounting Training Courses:

  • Manual Accounting ( Phase I & Phase II with certificate)
  • Professional Diploma in Accounting ( Pure Accountancy)
  1. Financial accounting
  2. Management/cost accounting
  3. Governmental accounting
  4. Principles of auditing
  5. And more …………..
  • Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance:
  1. Islamic Economic system.
  2. Islamic Banking Operations & Capital market investment.
  3. Regulation, corporate governance & Sharia supervision.
  4. Islamic insurance ( Takaful).